This Acura NSX that sold for $8.5k spent 20 years in a river, now it's being restored.

Becca Nicole Johnson
1d ·

NSX that was stolen and dumped in the bottom of a lake TWENTY+ years ago is currently for sale at a $6,XXX cost!!
I think Mama Becca needs a beautiful front yard ornament with a botanical garden OR a NSX Trailer! 💚🙌😂
Just got off the phone with the owner of the facility. Luckily, I’m the 1st person that’s called with serious interest in purchasing the car. It was stolen in late 90s and has been estimated to be at the “Yadkin River” in North Carolina since the late 90s. This car was ACCIDENTALLY found when another vehicle was being extracted from the river in regards to a murder case back in 2019. 👀🫣 ( Ben Barringer - Previous Junkyard NSX Owner)
The gentleman explained the condition of the vehicle is far too gone to attempt to restore with exterior damage, interior damage, motor gone, windows busted, and the list goes on…
That doesn’t mean this wouldn’t be a beautiful yard piece and/or NSX Trailer. 💚🙌
His exact words are “Use it as a Yard Ornament or Go-Kart Build!”
Current bidding frenzy of 6K > 6.5K > 7K > 7.5K > 8.5K
UPDATE - SOLD FOR $8.5K to someone in Maryland. It’s been stated the new owners are going to try and restore! 🤯😱
ADDITIONAL UPDATE: Currently, I am speaking with the new owner(s) of the 'NSX BOAT'. I have connected the new owner(s) + the previous junkyard owner(s) to numerous journalists, magazine editors, and news outlets.
I am also in the talks with going LIVE with the owner and his team to answer some preliminary questions and allow the public to also be apart of this News Breaking Story in the Automotive scene. ++ We can allow for questions from the audience. Stay tuned, y'all! ❤
INFORMATION on the 'How - When - Where - Why' the NSX was found can be watched here from a solved missing person's case with a different vehicle:
(1) The Drive Article -…/acura-nsx-underwater-for-16-year…
(2) The Motor 1 Article -…/acura-nsx-sunk-river-20-years-se…/
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