But you'll have to wait for 2024 to legally import an R34 GT-R.
"The 25-year import ban doesn't lift unilaterally when VIN No. 1 turns 25. Instead, cars become legal 25 years from their month of production. For now, only those first 3,895 R34s from May '98 are legal in May 2023, and none of the GT-Rs are yet—they didn't start until January 1999. More will become legal every month from now through August 2027.

That means it'll be R34 GT-R open season as of New Year 2024, when they begin their legal creep into the States. (You may have already seen an R34 GT-R here because they're eligible for show and display, though lesser R34s like the one above are of more dubious origin.)

They won't be easy to afford as auction prices are already solidly into the six figures, according to Autocar NZ, which reported one sale of around $400,000. In other words, if you haven't already had one in a storage unit in Hokkaido for years, you've already missed the boat."